Choose your plan

60 min per day
19 PLN
per month
0,63PLN / 1 h
179 PLN
per year
0,49PLN / 1 h
You save 49 PLN
90 min per day
24 PLN
per month
0,80PLN / 1,5 h
224 PLN
per year
0,61PLN / 1,5 h
You save 64 PLN
0.05 PLN per minute after free time, applies to all 60 and 90 plans
Pay As You Go
0.19 PLN
per minute
29 PLN / 152 min
12h per day
29 PLN
12 free hours valid for 24h
2,40 PLN / 1 h
0.19 PLN per minute after free time
for OK System Users

Bonus features, same for all plans

Out of hub fee
100 PLN
Out of system area fee
+1 PLN
Brought to hub bonus

How it works?

  1. Register

    Choose your plan and sign up for a Wavelo membership through the website or mobile app.

  2. Release

    Enter your 6-digit account number and 4-digit PIN into the keypad on the back of the bike to unlock it.

  3. Ride

    Place the U-lock in the holster before you take off. To make

    a quick stop, press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike

    to a rack.

  4. Return

    To end a ride, lock your bike to any Wawelo station. Or lock it at a public bike rack for a small additional fee.

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Not near a computer? You can use our mobile application for iOS and Android to sign up, find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions, and more.

We’re committed to providing a great mobile app experience. We regularly improve existing features while continuing to add new additions to both our web and mobile app. 

Remember to ride responsibly, keep your mind on the road and your phone in your pocket while riding.

Learn more about us

Wavelo – New Bike Share System in Cracow

In 2016, Krakow decided to completly revamp the oldest bike sharing program in Poland and grant a long-term concession to manage the system. First, pilot part of bicycles will be launched (lub is being launched) on the city streets in autumn 2016. More than 1500 bikes and 150 stations throughout the city will be available for residents and tourists in spring.

Bicycles will be operated by BikeU, Polish operator of self-service bike rental system. Since 2014 BikeU is a part of French group Egis, which is present in over 100 countries all over the world.

The Wavelo is financed without help from the city budget. Futher operating costs will be covered from user fees, the operator’s own funds and sponsorship contracts. The profits will be used to future system expansion.

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Why Wavelo?



Wavelo - Cracow bike share system

How to return Wavelo bike.

Bike is broken? That's not a problem!

Wavelo - leave the bike wherever you want.

Frequently asked questions

  • Basics

  • What's Wavelo?

    Wavelo is Cracow’s new bike share program – an innovative mode of transportation that allows users to make trips using publicly available bikes. It consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of stations throughout the service area.

    The bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making Wavelo ideal for short, one-way trips.

  • How does Wavelo work?

    ​First you need to choose payment plan and create an account. You can do this on our website: or by using our mobile application. As an active user you can rent and return bikes from and to any station. Rental cost depends on your subscription plan.

  • How much does Wavelo cost?

    ​There are 6 different payment plans available!

    For regular riders: 60 minutes of daily free riding time

    • 19 PLN per month,
    • 179 PLN for the whole year

    – you save 49 PLN.

    90 minutes of daily free riding time

    • 24 PLN per month,
    • 224 PLN for the whole year

    – you save 64 PLN.

    After exceeding daily freee riding time, each additional minute costs 0,05 PLN in subscriptopn plans 60 and 90.

    For occassional riders: „Pay As You Go”

    – each minute costs 0,19 PLN.

    During registration you have to pay the initial charge. You can choose between 29 PLN, 39 PLN or 49 PLN.

    Deposited funds will be for You to use.

    Whenever account balance - is equal or below 0,00 PLN, the account will remain suspended until positive balance is restored. After paying the initial charge you may transfer any amount to your account.

    For residents and tourists who want to explore the city: „12h per day” for 29 PLN.

    Includes 12 hours of free riding time valid for 24 hours. Each additional minute costs 0,19 PLN.

  • How do I take out a bike?

    ​First you need to register. During registration process you’ll be assigned a 6-digit account number and you’ll get to choose a 4-digit PIN number. Find a bike on the System Map or just go to the nearest Wavelo rent-a-bike station. Select bike and type your account number and PIN into the keypad on the back of the bike. Remove the U-bar and place it in the holder located on the left side of the bike. Now you are safe to go! You may also log in to the system skipping typing 6-digit account number by using your phone number, but you always have to confirm it with your PIN number.

  • How do I end a ride?

    ​To lock a bike to a Wavelo station or public bike rack, insert the U-lock into the two designated slots on the right side of the back wheel, pushing the lock in from right to left. Wait until you feel the click and see the ““thank you”” screen on the LCD display. You can end a ride by returning your bike to any station with an open rack – you don’t have to bring it back to where you picked it up, making Wavelo ideal for one-way trips. Find available docks on the System Map or mobile app. If the station closest to your destination is full, you can lock your bike at a public bike rack close to the station for no additional charge. If you lock your bike at a public bike rack further from a station, 3 PLN fee applies. If you lock your bike outside of the service area (marked on the System Map and mobile app), a 100 PLN fee applies.

  • Account and billing

  • How do I sign up?

    ​Go to the or use our mobile application to create an account. Go to bookmark Pricing, choose the most suitable subscription plan and confirm your choice by clicking “Choose this plan”.

  • Do I need a credit card to register?

    ​Yes, a credit or a debit card is required to sign up for Wavelo. Our system can automatically charge your card when you choose to renew your membership. The card also serves as collateral in case of additional fees, theft or bike damage. Our billing system meets all data security standards, including PCI DSS compliance certification. Payments are processed by PayU - a Polish industry leader of online payments. Additional payment method will be added in April 2017.

  • I forgot my account numer and PIN

    ​You can start rental by using keypad on the back of the bike typing your phone number. While you log in you may reset your PIN number. It will be sent to you via text message.

  • How does the free time work?

    ​Within subscription plans you have:

    • 60 minutes,
    • 90 minutes,
    • 12 hours,

      of free time per day. Free time can be split between an unlimited number of trips each day. Each trip is prorated by the minute. System will add up your minutes throughout the day. Unused time doesn’t roll over to next day or next month.

  • I was overcharged, what can I do?

    ​If you believe your account was overcharged, you can file a complaint by sending us a message to up to 7 days after the event. You can also contact us via phone (+48) 12 290 33 33. We have 14 days to consider the complaint, but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If it turns out that the system made a mistake, we will refund you the entire improperly accrued amount.

  • Can I recover funds from my account?

    ​The funds transferred to the Customer Account can be used only for the purposes of Wavelo System usage and are non-refundable.

  • Can I sellect two different subscriptions plans or two different payment methods during registration?

    ​No, during registration you have to select one subscription plan and one payment method. You can always change your payment plan, but wait until the end of subscription. Otherwise, you will lose your funds.

  • Bikes and stations

  • What should I do if there’s a problem with my bike?

    ​You can always report an issue with the bike by pressing the “Repair” button on the LCD screen on the back of the bike or via the mobile application. Follow the instructions on the screen to indicate the nature of the fault. If this is not possible, contact Customer Service via phone (+48) 12 290 33 33. Be sure to lock the bike after reporting an issue!

  • What should I do if I need to return my bike and the station is full?

    ​If there are no available racks at the stations you’d like to use, you can lock the bike somewhere close to the station for no additional fee. You can also leave it completely outside of a station for 3 PLN fee.

  • Can I end my rental outside of Wavelo station?

    Sure! If you are not near any station you can return a bike by locking it to a convenient location – but you will be charged a 3 PLN fee. If you want to stay in a certain place for less than an hour, you can use the “Hold” function on the keypad on the back of the bike.

  • Can I end my rental outside of Wavelo area?

    Yes, but you will be charged 100 PLN fee (the boundaries of the Wavelo area are clearly marked on our maps). Do not lock the bikes to trees, moving objects or anywhere on private property.

  • How does "Hold" function work?

    If you want to lock the bike for a moment, but you do not want to end the rental, press “Hold” on the LCD screen on the back of the bike, then lock it. You can unlock it by typing a PIN number. If You are subscribed to plans „60” or „90” the bike will remain reserved for you for 60 minutes. If you you use „Pay As You Go” or „12H” the bike will wait for You for 90 minutes. If you do not unlock it before that time, the bike becomes available for other users. Remember that downtime is included in your rental time and is subtracted from your daily free time.

  • Can I take out more than one bike at a time?

    In subscription plans „60” and „90” You can take out 2 bikes at a time. The first bike counts toward the membership. The additional bikes are billed at the rate of 3 PLN per hour (prorated down to the minute), and do not count toward the plan’s ride time. The account holder is responsible for any fees incurred. Unlock the additional bikes using your account number and PIN. The additional riders will have to accept the terms & conditions on the bike’s LCD screen before they can ride. In plans „Pay as You go” and „12h” you can take out 1 bike for one account.

  • Is there an incentive for users to bring bikes back to a station?

    You will earn a 1 PLN account credit each time you take a bike that’s been locked outside of Wavelo station.

  • How can I reserve a bike?

    You can reserve a bike on our website or mobile application. Find bike that interests you on the map. After clicking on the bike or station you will see the distance, the hourly rate and you can make a reservation. Remember that reservation time is limited to 15 minutes, and after exceeding that, your reservation expires and the bike becomes again available to all users. Reservation time is included in the rental period, so the sooner you get to the bike, the longer you will be able to use it. When you reach the station, find the bike with the relevant number, log in and unhook the bike. Remember to take the lock with you and enjoy the ride!

  • Wavelo for business

  • How it works?

    Ask your employer to purchase an annual subscription for you and your co-workers!

    Entrepreneur give your employees a bonus by giving them the ability to use the most modern bicycle-sharing system in Europe on a daily basis.

    You can use social funds to buy subscriptions for your employees or subtract it from taxes… it pays off for all.


    Contact us today! Send us an email at Our consultants will present an individual offer for your company.

  • KMK Bike

  • What happened to KMK Bike?

    ​KMK Bike was the previous bike share system in Cracow and it was replaced in 2016 by Wavelo. All elements of the system were replaced, including bicycles, stations and the IT system.

  • I got a promo code, how can I redeem it?

    ​Enter promo code when creating Wavelo account. Vouchers are valid till 12.06.2017.

  • Can I get a refund from KMK Bike?

    ​Every KMK Bike user with positive balance will receive an invitation to join Wavelo (text message or e-mail) and retain the positive balance. As a welcome gift from Wavelo, all KMK Bike users will also receive 19 PLN for the first month subscription. If you don’t want to use Wavelo and you would like funds from your KMK Bike account paid back to you, please contact previous system administrator (ZIKiT) and provide them a bank account number for the refund.

  • I didn't receive my promo code?

    ​Please contact us via email or via phone (+ 48) 12 290 33 33.

  • Wavelo for tourists

  • Wavelo for tourists. How it works?

    We offer one day subscription plan dedicated mainly to tourists and visitors. For 29 PLN you have 12 hours of bike riding that you can use within 24 hours. You can split your riding time among as many trips as you like. 

    You can rent a bike from any station or reserve it using our mobile app. The bike can be returned to any Wavelo station or a public rack  - for an additional fee. 

    In selected Hotels, guests can receive a discount to purchase this plan. Don’t forget to ask for Wavelo at the reception desk.

    List of cooperating Hotels: Hotel Holiday Inn - Wielopole 4, Aparthotel Kadetus - Zwierzyniecka 25, Hotel Daisy Superior - Morelowa 26A

    The list of our Partners is constantly expanding. Search for Hotels with “Ask for Wavelo” sticker or follow our FB profile. 

    See you around!


Contact center

12 290 33 33 24-7 customer service BikeU

Wavelo System Operator:

BikeU Sp. z o. o.

Emilii Plater 53, 00-113 Warsaw

Phone: 22 490 20 33



Advertising on bikes:

Phone: 22 490 20 33


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