How it works?

  1. Register

    Choose your plan and sign up for a Wavelo membership through the website or mobile app.

  2. Release

    Enter your 7-digit account number and 4-digit PIN into the keypad on the back of the bike to unlock it.

  3. Ride

    Place the U-lock in the holster before you take off. To make

    a quick stop, press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike

    to a rack.

  4. Return

    To end a ride, lock your bike to any Wawelo station. Or lock it at a public bike rack for a small additional fee.

Choose your plan

60 min per day
2 available bikes in plan
20 PLN
per month
0,67 PLN / 1 h
0.05 PLN per minute after free time
90 min per day
2 available bikes in plan
25 PLN
per month
0,83 PLN / 1,5 h
0.05 PLN per minute after free time
12h per day
2 available bikes in plan
29 PLN
12 free hours valid for 24h
2,40 PLN / 1 h
0.10 PLN per minute after free time
Pay As You Go
2 available bikes in plan
29 PLN
0,20 PLN per minute
Activation fee 10 PLN
2 available bikes in plan
29 PLN
0,06 PLN per minute
Activation fee 10 PLN
Pilot program for UJ CM students using the e-mail: Available for the first 2000 beneficiaries. It takes place for 3 months from 1st August 2018 or while stocks last.
2 available bikes in plan
29 PLN
0,06 PLN per minute
Activation fee 10 PLN
Pilot program for UJ students using the e-mail: Available for the first 10 000 beneficiaries. It takes place for 3 months from 1st September 2018 or while stocks last.
2 available bikes in plan
for chosen OK System users

Bonus features, same for all plans

- 3 PLN
Out of hub fee
- 100 PLN
Out of system area fee
+1 PLN
Brought to hub bonus

Frequently asked questions

  • How it works

  • Registration

    You can register at www.wavelo.en or via the Wavelo mobile application, available for Android and iOS devices. You can also register by calling the Wavelo contact Center. However, you will have to go online to make a payment.


    To start using Wavelo, choose the most suitable subscription plan and fill in all the required fields. To complete the registration process, make a payment for the selected plan. As an active user, you can rent and return bikes at all Wavelo stations. The cost of renting depends on your plan.


    Please note that you must provide a unique telephone number and email address. You cannot register two accounts with the same phone number and / or the same email address. After completing the registration process, three emails will be sent to the email address provided. Details can be found in VERIFICATION OF EMAIL ADDRESS section.


    Click here to view FILM

    [The description of the Registration is in point VI of the Regulations>


  • Regulations

    Before starting your adventure with Wavelo, make sure you read the RENTAL AGREEMENT. To use bicycles, you must accept the Rental Agreement Regulations by clicking ‘I agree’. You should also read the Privacy Policy.



  • Payment options

    After accepting the Regulations, make the payment using PayU: Fast Transfer, credit or debit card. By using the PayU services, you accept the regulations of the online payment operator.


    If you have added a payment card to your Wavelo account and your payment is unsuccessful, check whether one of the following problems has occurred:

    • card limit is exceeded

    • insufficient funds on your bank account

    • no authorization for internet transactions

    • no authorization for correspondence and telephone transactions

    • 3-D Secure protection not enabled


    If you have any issues with the payment, we recommend contacting your bank or adding a different credit or debit card to your Wavelo account.



  • E-mail verification

    After completing the registration process you will receive 3 emails:


    Confirmation of the account registration and your user ID . You need your user ID to rent a bike and to verify your account when contacting Wavelo Contact Centre.

    The status of the payment made for your selected plan

    A link verifying your e-mail address. Please click on the link to fully activate your account and be able to use your bikes.


    If you have not received the emails from us, please check all the folders, including SPAM, JUNK, TRASH, OFFERS or enter in the search engine. If you still have not found the email, please contact our Contact Center on 12 290 33 33


    Please remember that to fully activate your account and rent a bike you must pay for the selected plan and confirm your email address!

    Click here to view FILM



  • Promotional codes

    You can use the promotional code not only during registration, but also if you have an account in the Wavelo system. Promotional codes are intended for the purchase of specific payment plans. Before confirming, make sure that the promotional code you received is available for the plan you want to activate.


    Warning !

    Enter the code when selecting the plan, before making the payment. In case of problems, contact the Wavelo Contact Center.

      Click here to view FILM

    [The description of the Registration is in point VI of the Regulations>


  • Vouchers

    If you want to make a gift to your loved ones, purchase a payment plan for them in the form of a voucher. Go to the customer’s panel, select a plan and buy a voucher, which can be used at any time.



    purchase of vouchers is possible only after adding a valid debit or credit card.


    Details can be found in the Regulations

    Click here to view FILM


  • Pin code

    You enter the PIN number by yourself at registration, it is necessary to rent bikes. You can always check it or change it in the User Panel in the Account tab.



  • Mobile application

    Do you want to have Wavelo always at your fingertips? Cool! All you need to do is download our application to your phone or other device with access to the Internet, which you usually have with you. You can download the application on devices with the Android or iOS operating system. Just remember about downloading the latest updates.


    With the Wavelo app you can check where the closest station with available bikes is and reserve a bike so no one overtakes you. In the event of an emergency you can reactivate your subscription and make the necessary payments.



  • Map

  • Wavelo map

    The Wavelo map is one of the most important elements of our system. You will find stations, bikes and the boundaries of Wavelo area. The map is available on the website and in the mobile application. The map will help you locate the bike and reserve it. In addition, the mobile application will show you the exact route to the nearest Wavelo station or bike.


    If you want to know how to book a bike, go to the RENT and RETURN points



  • System area

    The red dotted line on the Wavelo map is the system area. The Wavelo stations where you can return the bike free of charge are within this area. If you are visiting the area outside the Wavelo area and you feel like taking a break, use the HOLD function. Remember that you will be charged an additional fee of PLN 100 for returning the bike outside the system area. Details can be found in the RENT and RETURN points and Annex 2 to the Regulations “Table of Fees”



  • Pricing and payments

  • Plan types

    Our system offers several solutions, when:


    You ride regularly

    we recommend choosing the “MONTHLY 60” plan. You have: 60 minutes * bike riding a day for 30 days and the possibility to rent 2 bikes ** for one account.


    You ride regularly

    we recommend choosing the “MONTHLY 90” plan. You have: 90 minutes * bike riding a day for 30 days and the possibility to rent 2 bikes ** for one account.


    You rideshort

    or occasionally, we recommend choosing the “PAY AS YOU GO” plan. It is a prepaid plan, charged per minute, which you can use after paying the initial fee. You can rent one bike per account.

      You are visiting Krakow on the bike we recommend choosing the “12H” plan. It is a plan prepared for tourists. The plan is active for 24 hours from the moment of selection. As part of the plan, you have 12 hours of bike riding and you can rent one bike per account.


    • Rental time is calculated per minute for each started minute. ** Remember that when you rent two bikes, the second one from the beginning is charged at a minute rate of 3 PLN / h.



  • OK system plan

    The plan is intended for selected holders of the OK System card who have received a promotional code for its activation. Under the plan you have: 60 minutes a day for 30 days and the possibility of renting one bicycle per account. If you want to learn how to get a code and use the plan, contact the OK System hotline -



  • Pricing

    In the Table of Fees you will find information about payment plans, additional fees and bonuses. The table is available on the website, the mobile application and at the stations. Remember that as a user you are responsible for the Wavelo bike from the time it is rented to the return! If you do not return your bike, you will be charged with a penalty if it is lost or stolen.


    Before you start using the system, make sure you read the Table Of Fees available in Annex 2 to the Regulations.


    Remember, do not return the bicycle to private premises or places inaccessible to other users.

    You can lock the Wavelo bikes only with the yellow U-lock, which each bicycle is equipped with.


    If you have a problem, contact our Contact Center on 12 390 33 33 or email at



  • Rentals and returns

  • Bike rental

    Once you have registered and verified your email address, you can rent and reserve bikes. If you do not know how to register, check the REGISTRATION section


    When you have a problem with renting your first bike and want to rent another one nearby, check in the application whether you have an active rent. If so, please wait a few minutes. This will allow our system to close your previous rental attempt and allow you to freely use the second bike at no extra charge.


    If you still have a problem, we recommend that you immediately contact our Contact Center on 12 390 33 33 or by email:


    Opis wypożyczenia znajduje w punkcie VIII Regulaminu



  • Renting bikes using controller
  • RFID Card
  • Hold
  • Reservation

    Reservation is an additional function which allows you to remotely reserve a bike via the website or a mobile application. You can reserve bikes at Wavelo stations as well as the bikes available in other places in Krakow. Reserved bike will be waiting for you for 15 minutes, if you do not unlock it within 60 seconds, you can cancel your reservation free of charge.


    Click here to view FILM



  • Bike return

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

  • Damages

  • Bike damages

    If you notice a defect that prevents further safe riding or a problem that could lead to damage the bicycle, you are obliged to immediately report this fact to the Wavelo System.


    .1. Using a mobile application or website

    , when the bike is rented on your account or at least booked.


    .2. Using the board computer at the back of the bike

    to report a fault, enter the MENU and then press the button under the heading REPAIR by selecting one of the nine categories that best corresponds to the detected fault.


    .3. By contacting the Contact Center.

      If you see a bike that is damaged or abandoned outside the station, report it to our Contact Center giving a four-digit bike number and an approximate address. This will allow a quick reaction of our service team!



  • App damages

    If you have a problem with:


    • web application
      • use another browser or other device,  
    • mobile application
      • please make sure that you have the current version.


    In case of further difficulties with using our solutions, please contact our Contact Center.



  • Complaints

    If you do not agree with the charged fee or purchase of the payment plan, you can submit a complaint. It’s best to do it within 7 days from the date of the incident. Only complaints reported electronically to the address: are considered.


    The complaint department will consider a complete application within 14 days. You can always ask about the status of your application.



    • Account holder details - name and surname, Wavelo account number, phone number assigned to the account, email address assigned to the account

    • Detailed information about the problem (eg description of the return or method of payment)






  • Client Panel

  • Account

    Account is one of the tabs in the Customer Panel, where you can edit your personal details, including your password, PIN and account language. Remember, after changing your email address, you will need to verify your new address.


    In this tab you can also change or activate the payment plan, add funds to your account and approve the received promotional code.


    You can also delete your account here. This option is available only in the Customer Panel on the website



  • History

    In this tab you will find information on bills, rents , routes covered and statistics.



  • Contact

  • Contact methods

    If you have any doubts about the operation of the system or you need to ask a question about your account, please contact us! Our Contact Center is at your disposal 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can contact us:


    -by phone number: 12 290 33 33,

    -by e-mail:,

    -using on-line chat (yellow icon in the bottom right corner of the website),

    -sending a message on Facebook.



  • Social media

    You can find us on: Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



  • News
    Follow us and stay up to date!

    Information on changes, system updates and current promotions can be found on our Facebook page.




Download the mobile app

SoBi on mobile devices

Not near a computer? You can use our mobile application for iOS and Android to sign up, find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions, and more.

We’re committed to providing a great mobile app experience. We regularly improve existing features while continuing to add new additions to both our web and mobile app. 

Remember to ride responsibly, keep your mind on the road and your phone in your pocket while riding.


About us

In 2016, the city of Cracow decided to completely rebuild the oldest city bike network in Poland and grant a long-term concession to manage the system. In the First, pilot part of bicycles will be launched on the city streets in autumn 2016. More than 1500 bikes and 162 stations throughout the city will be available for residents and tourists in spring.


The Wavelo system will be financed outside the budget of Cracow. Operating costs are covered by users’ fees, operator’s own funds and sponsorship agreements. 


The profits generated will be allocated for further system development. Wavelo bikes will be maintained by BikeU, the Polish operator of unmanned city rental companies.

Wavelo for companies

Wavelo is not only stations and bikes, it is also an interesting and original way to promote business.


If you are interested in B2B cooperation, sponsorship stations or advertising, write to us at the address:


Our consultants will present an individual offer for your company

Contact center

12 290 33 33 24-7 customer service



Wavelo System Operator:

BikeU Sp. z o. o.

Emilii Plater 53, 00-113 Warsaw


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We will get back to you as soon as we finish riding our amazing bikes!

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